Why List With the Stacy and Nicole Real Estate Team?

Posted By : Stacy and Nicole on Dec 04, 2018


Hello friends and welcome back!

We hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready to take this week head on. Today we are going to switch it up a bit and instead of telling you about beautiful Orange County we want to tell you a little about beautiful us and why we are the best choice for your real estate needs. I know real estate can seem overwhelming at times, first time buyer or not, it is a challenge and it can be very stressful. We here at the Stacy and Nicole Real Estate Team strive to make your real estate experience stress free and one to remember. Think of us as your stress ball, the tighter you squeeze the harder we work and the better you feel. Buying or selling real estate doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Our mission is to make your experience a memorable one and to find the absolute perfect home for you and your family. Now we usually don’t like to blow our own horn but today we are feeling good so “toot toot”.

Why List with the Stacy and Nicole Real Estate Team? We’ll tell you why…

First and foremost, we love our job and love what we do.

The saying is do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. We’ll we have done that. This is not just our career but our passion. We truly love meeting new people and bringing joy to families. There’s nothing better than handing over the keys to someones brand new home and watching their faces light up with joy… cue the tears.. but seriously we love what we do and we know that if you work with us it will show.

We are married to our phones.

This is not a joke. From morning to night our phones are our best friends. We understand the urgency of the real estate business and pride ourselves at being johnny on the spot. We’ve heard horror stories before from other clients about how they lost their dream home because they could not get a hold of their agent. DO NOT let this happen to you! Don’t believe us? Try us. Give us a call, send us a text or shoot us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

We will not be out worked.

We won’t lie, we are sore losers, which is why we do not lose. Our constant hustle and tenacity go unmatched. We have drilled this into the Stacy and Nicole Real Estate Team and our work ethic will speak for itself. We are more than confident about that.

We are straight shooters.

Another corner stone of the Stacy and Nicole Real Estate Team is honesty and integrity. We tell it how it is. It might not always be exactly what you want to hear but we promise we have your best in mind. This is just good business. I mean who wants to think their agent is lying to them to cover their own a**. Nobody is perfect and things do happen but trust us when we tell you that we will not hide anything from our clients.

We are problem solvers.

Thinkers and do’ers what else could you ask for? Real estate is a tricky business because you are working with two different sets of people and another agent. Everybody has their own wants and needs and sometimes people do not agree. We get it, it happens. We are here to help you find solutions and  compromises. We are constantly thinking outside the box to insure we get you into that dream home. The situation seems hopeless?? Have no fear Stacy and Nicole are here!

We know the market.

We here at the Stacy and Nicole Real Estate are hungry for knowledge. We understand the market is constantly changing and we try to be one step ahead. We are always reading and asking questions ourselves, our ears and eyes are always open.

Our marketing!!!

This is a huge part of our business and we have worked tirelessly to make our marketing top notch. We try to be everywhere and anywhere. We show up on everything from bus benches to grocery bags. And don’t forget about our social media presence! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin , Zillow, YouTube and many more. Go ahead and click the links and see what we are up to. Make sure you give us a follow to stay up to date on the housing market in your area.

Man, can we negotiate.

If anyone is selling a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves it is most certainly us. We love a challenge and will not shy away from a little confrontation. Like we said before we are very competitive and we believe that gives us an edge. Plus with two of us on your side its like a tag team match against a single opponent. Who would you pick? The Stacy and Nicole Team is ready to go to war for you.

Our sphere is twice as big– two heads are better than one.

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