The 10 Commandments of Buying a Home

Posted By : Stacy and Nicole on Sep 22, 2016

Thinking About Buying A Home

Today my home buying friends, we are going to keep it simple and straight to the point! With over 10 years in the business, I can honestly and most assuredly say, if you break these rules, you will not be buying a home! I know this because in my early years as an agent, I have lost deals by clients doing one or more of these in the middle of the loan process. So please allow me to share with you what not to do so that we make sure that your home buying process is smooth, enjoyable and as stress free as possible!

1️⃣ Thou shall not change jobs, become self employed, or quit your job.
2️⃣ Thou shall not use credit cards for large purchases or fall behind on payments.
3️⃣ Thou shall not spend the money you have set aside for closing
4️⃣ Thou shall not buy a new car or truck (or you might end up living in it )
5️⃣ Thou shall not omit debts or liabilities to your lender.
6️⃣ Thou shall not buy furniture on credit
7️⃣ Thou shall not let anyone run your credit besides your lender.
8️⃣ Thou shall not change bank accounts.
9️⃣ Thou shall not make large deposits without first checking with your lender.
🔟 Thou shall not co-sign for a loan for anyone or apply for a line of equity during the loan process.

Buying a home and even thinking about starting the process comes with a certain amount of stress. You need to be educated by a team of patient and knowledgeable agents who will assume that burden for you. You need us, Stacy and Nicole…. because your success is our success!  Contact us today and we’ will walk you through the entire process step by step.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Andrey_Popov