Stacy and Nicole reviews


Stacy and Nicole were very understanding and helpful. They were very responsive in returning emails and phone calls and were dedicated professionals and great people. We chose to take our condo off the market and consider selling at another time, our decision had nothing to do with their performance, and they were very accepting of our decision and made it known that they would be glad to help with anything in the future.
— bsothern8, 05/01/2017

Let’s start this off by saying that ANYONE can be a realtor. However, NO ONE can be Stacy & Nicole. I’ve had many opportunities to work with other Realtors, but continually come back to the dynamic duo of Stacy and Nicole. These two ladies are the true definition of “hustle” with a heart. Stacy and Nicole went above and beyond to meet our needs, ensure the listing of our property, communicate between the buyers and sellers, all while keeping our best interests and crazy schedule in mind. They were both constantly TRANSPARENT and HONEST with us. Both my husband and I have crazy schedules that they worked around for us! Throughout the escrow process, we heard from Stacy and Nicole at least once every 48 hours (if not more!). I never once felt that we weren’t a priority to them. While they had several other properties and clients they had to cater to, I always felt like a millionaire client whenever they contacted us. (An example of this would be how they were able to get our home listed and sold within 4 days with SIX COMPETITIVE OFFERS!) They utizlied the BEST photographer, open house methods, and quality signage. They also took to social media by storm! EVERYONE knew our home was for sale within 12 hours of them listing it. We had over 20 showings within the first 48 hours (I know, CRAZY RIGHT?). Stacy and Nicole listened carefully to our concerns and fought hard to make sure our needs were met. Whenever our buyers had a ridiculous request (trust me on this one, their requests were CRAZY and unreasonable!), Stacy and Nicole went to bat and fought hard to protect us and look out for our needs. I cannot say enough about the quality and care that both Stacy and Nicole took to ensure the stressful process of buying/selling a home was an easy one. To be honest, I’m still in shock that we are living in our new forever home in our dream neighborhood. Compared to our previous horrible experiences with other (greedy/rude/unprofessional) realtors, Stacy and Nicole made this process so EASY and uncomplicated! Not once did I lose sleep, have an ulcer flair up, or have a headache due to unnecessary stress… because THERE WAS NO STRESS! All in all, my husband and I can now add Stacy and Nicole into our lives, not as our realtors, but as our close family friends. We cannot thank them enough for what they’ve done for us. Don’t waste time on other realtors, get started with Stacy and Nicole today!
— MyLinhNguyen3, 04/04/2017

Our family did not know Stacy or Nicole prior to working with them so we don’t have an bias opinion. With that being said, we had the unique experience of buying and selling with this team of ladies. On the buy side, they got us all the terms that I could have asked for to make the move possible. They navigated in impressive fashion some unexpected issue due to their network of connections and persistency. On the sell side, they accommodated our very limited showing schedule but still sold our home in less than a week, 5% above asking, and created a buzz about the property that generated 10 offers. Perhaps as important as any of this, they always got back to me immediately with any questions I had. My wife says that packing and moving is painful but if we ever do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Stacy and Nicole.
— skywlkr911, 04/03/2017

Great to work with, fun to work with, get the job done quickly and efficently.They are a great team and were helpful in many ways. Always available when needed and answered any and all questions. Made the home buying process fun, easy, and a breeze.
— erinlynnand, 03/07/2017

Excellent service is what you will get with Stacy and Nicole!
What a great team!

We rode the housing market together and when I mean together I mean TOGETHER. They never left us hanging. They answered all of our questions and boy did we have questions. In the end they got us the home we wanted when there were multiple counters. It was definitely an experience and I we will always be grateful for having Stacy and Nicole as our agents.
I wish them the best!
— marissareynoza, 09/20/2016