Services – Real Estate Services

When selling your home, Stacy and Nicole promise to treat every listing as it was a multi-million dollar property. Every home receives the same attention and service as the next. Our proven plan has been the path to success for countless homeowners. We are proud to say working together so closely, extreme organization, and the fact that we offer you two agents for the price of one guarantees success and accessibility at all times!

Our Proven Path to Success offers you:

* Extensive Knowledge - The California real estate market is changing constantly. You need agents who are active and present with the ins and outs of the everyday market.

* Exquisite marketing - Professional photography, virtual tours, elegant flyers, postcards and invitations to open houses. A first impression is everything and taking the care to put our best foot forward ensures that we not only capture the best buyer for your home, but we also demand top dollar for the sale price of your home.

* Professional services by qualified, licensed vendors - Not all homes are in tip top shape at all times. After all, we live in them and our lives are many times consumed by work and family. This is where we come in…. We have a long list of professionals that we are happy to contact, arrange and meet for you for anything that you might need. Including, but not limited to; home cleaning, professional staging, landscaping services, handyman and small construction/repair jobs, pool services, painters, roofers….the list goes on and on….

* Online presence -The Internet is the single most used tool when buyers are searching for your home. Stacy and Nicole have a massive online presence. Your home will be marketed on over 35 different consumer sites. They are premier listing agents on Zillow and Trulia which drives heavy attention and traffic to all of their listings. They are prominent and have been able to capture a large following over the years on all social media sites and they post, promote and update their listings consistently. Their website is updated weekly and draws in a large pool of buyers through all major search engines.

* Personal attention - Constant communication and the promise to always be upfront, honest and professional at all times. Many agents will tell you what you want to hear as opposed to what you should hear from your advisor. As Stacy and Nicole know that they work for you, they also stand by a strict code of ethics and know that their job is to always give you the information that will help you obtain your goal. Together, they promise to listen to your needs and wants and devise a solid plan of attack. Working 7 days a week and having two agents at your disposal also ensures that you will always be able to reach your agent anytime.

* Expert Negotiation Skills - Stacy and Nicole have over 15 years combined experience in the real estate industry. They not only know their field, they know their market. They continuously strive to be educated on all new laws and codes. They know their communities and what they have to offer. They believe in themselves and what they can do for their clients, but most importantly, they believe in their clients and what they deserve. They deserve an agent that will stand up for them, fight for what they have worked for and the equity that they deserve and earn the commission that they are being paid for a successful and happy transaction!