Property Management

Do You Need A Property Manager?

A property manager is the third party in a real estate investment deal. They handle the detailed operations of a real estate property, from collecting rent, managing tenants, overseeing cleaning and maintenance services, and handling the logistics of the physical property.

This position takes many of the tedious responsibilities off of a property owner’s shoulders. Property managers oversee all types of properties, from smaller residential units to large commercial properties.

Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

Property owners are often stuck with setting and collecting rent, screening tenants and handling leases, responding to tenant complaints, as well as maintaining the property budget and overall maintenance of the real estate. But by hiring a property manager, these responsibilities almost entirely disappear.

Many property managers are experienced real estate agents who understand the ins and the outs of the local real estate market. They can ensure your property is being rented and you are receiving the best rates possible. Property managers also know the qualities that make the ideal tenant, and can find these tenants to rent your property.

Property managers understand how to increase the value of your property, and can initiate the proper renovations to ensure your property stays competitive and grows in value.

Types of Properties We Serve

Within the Orange County area, we help to manage a variety of properties, including single-family residences, multi-family residences, townhomes, commercial real estate, and Homeowner's Association management. We understand that each property is unique and deserves an individual marketing strategy, as well as requires individual maintenance obligations. We create unique management plans for each property we handle to guarantee they are each being managed to their greatest potential.

Why Choose Stacy & Nicole?

The Stacy & Nicole team are committed to obtaining the highest rental rates possible for your property and finding the maximum number of prospective renters. Because of our strong relationships with local contractors and services, we can offer the best work for a discounted price.

Through our years of helping clients buy, sell, and rent their real estate, we have determined the ideal qualities the perfect tenant should possess, and we are dedicated to filling your property with tenants that exemplify these qualities.

We guarantee to take a hands-on approach when managing your property. This means being the point people for you and your tenants, and limiting the amount of time you have to spend doing the tedious work required for your real estate.

At Stacy & Nicole Real Estate, we also understand that housing laws have become exceedingly complex. Through our combined real estate experience, we want to help take the weight off of your shoulders by handling all issues regarding federal and state housing laws.

Contact Stacy & Nicole today to discuss the potential for your real estate investment and what we can offer as successful property managers.